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Are you facing an issue with Power BI? Take a look at our new product and unleash its full power!

Have you tried Power BI but you are not satisfied with the results? Have you encountered any obstacles in implementing Power BI solutions? Have you exceeded your budget? Are you struggling with poor performance or readability?

Take advantage of our experience and find out how to boost your reporting with best practices implementation.

Power BI is an enormously powerful solution, however to use it efficiently it needs to be correctly applied in the organization. The Power BI ecosystem is diverse and can be implemented in multiple ways. We offer you a comprehensive audit of your Power BI solution.

We can help you to:

  • Improve user experience

  • Cope with performance issues

  • Handle security and data protection

  • Reduce the complexity of solution

  • Upgrade your reports with new features

  • Choose the suitable subscription plan

  • Deal with maintenance problems

Make sure that your Power BI environment perfectly meets your business needs, get better performance, reduce time needed to render visualizations, focus on the quality of content, identify main bottlenecks, make reports easier to operate by users and lower the risk of data loss!

Scope of audit

BitPeak Experts created an unique method that allows to evaluate Power BI solution in 5 different scopes: performance, look’n’feel, maintenance, cost effectiveness, security and data protection.

Audit process

We can offer you complex advisory and provide the results in just a few days! Here are the four steps our consultants usually follow to end up with proper and comprehensive effect:


After the audit, you will likely speed up your reports and point out capacity and features that are not used. Audit can help you to reduce Power BI licensing cost, report maintenance effort and time needed for development. We will indicate security and data protection gaps and unveil how to enhance the user experience. Let's discover the power of Power BI together!

Customer Success Story

Our customer is a global provider of on-board connectivity solutions for passengers as well as cockpit and cabin communication and aircraft operations which offers its services to the largest airlines.

As a result of recent data volume increase in the telecommunication world our client began searching for a new efficient environment that would meet the requirements of the future. The choice of cloud with the new Business Intelligence architecture was indisputable because of lower cost, reliability and scalability. These arguments were raised many times during joint discussions.

At first company struggled with:

  • poor report performance

  • inability to load more than data for one month

  • high cost of subscription

  • redundant data in reports

Audit results:

  • Cost saving via effective license management and tier reduction

  • By aggregating and changing data sources we were able to load a data for few years without any problems

  • Introduction of a centralized Datasets for Corporate Reporting. Power BI shared dataset is constantly being reused among many different Power BI reports

  • Improved user experience confirmed by positive feedback from end-users.

  • Resolved all issues regarding the use of shared datasets, dataset permissions, reusability of data, and distributing content through apps.

Who we are?

The audit is conducted by certified experts with extended consulting experience in Power BI tools. BitPeak is a team of practitioners specializing in providing analytical solutions, Business Intelligence and Big Data. Having the Analytics on Microsoft Azure Advanced Specialization and being Microsoft Gold partner in the field of data analytics, data platform, cloud platform makes us dependable and qualified company to work with.

Emil Janik

BI Consultant

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